Lo De Marcos, Bahia De Banderas, Nayartit Mexico

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Locals Ride

Beginner riders

2 Hours

$1,400 Pesos

The locals ride is just that.  We will cruise the town of Lo De Marcos and explore all it has to offer. Through the downtown streets and town square out in to the neighborhoods, Lo De Marcos beach and Los Venados beach on the south of town along a winding jungle road. We'll head across the river to the farmlands and explore mountain roads and the amazing view. Locals ride is for riders of all skill levels.

  Jungle Ride
Rancho Los Izotes

Intermediate  To Experienced Riders

4.5 hours

$2,500 Pesos

We will roar up the river trail zigzagging through the water as we head up the mountain and into the jungle. We will make a few stops to get wet in the river. At the end of the jungle road is the amazing tropical jungle paradise of Rancho El Izote. We will stop and have lunch and drinks. Explore numerous trails to breathtaking mountain vistas that look out over the vast jungle with mountain cliffs and jungle all around. From many of the viewing areas you will see wild parrots in the natural habitat feeding and frolicking from tree to tree. Many other wild animals can be spotted from the viewing areas.

our race back to town will exhilarate all  riders.

  Punta Raza Ride

Beginner to Advanced riders

4 hours

$2,500 Pesos

Private half day ride will take you to the secluded  Beach.

We will cruise up the river, stopping along the way to get wet, ride through the country and several small villages. We'll end up at the Punta Raza Beach Club which has a fantastic Restaurant with pool, lounge chairs private palapas on the secluded beach. you can chill at this   amazing oasis with food and drinks until you're ready to race back to town.

Lo De Marcos to San Poncho

Beginner to experienced riders

5 hours

$2,500 Pesos


Ride through the lush jungle all the way from Lo De Marcos to San Pancho on our exclusive private trail that winds along the cliffs above the numerous beaches and breathtaking vistas along the way. We will make a brief stop at Lo De Perla Orchid Gardens where we will get a teaser of the gardens. Full tours are available at an additional cost.  The ride continues to multiple jaw dropping view points before winding down into San Pancho.  Riders can check out the town; shop, eat lunch and get a drink. We will reconvene and head bock over the cliff trail to Lo De Marcos.

Adenture Plus

Enhance your adventure

with add ons

GO PRO rental

Stocked cooler

Picnic on the beach

Camping on the beach

Multi day adventures

All tours are customizable