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Its time to Live The Dream "Viva Las Sueno"

We launched the site today and are excited that the next chapter has begun. The journey to get to Mexico has been a wild one and now that our house in Lo De Marcos is all set and almost how we want it. All the amazing outdoor space with tons of new blooming plants and the Palapa in the yard - such a great place to chill after a long day on the rides. The pool is about to be done and the sanctuary we call Casa Bella has truly become the secret garden oasis in paradise that we have always dreamed about. Since buying our place in Lo De Marcos, we have spent many exciting days exploring the towns, the farmlands, the river trails and all of the surrounding areas. The ATV is the best way to get around, to see and experience the heart of Mexico up close and personal. On our rides we have seen many sights that have blown us away and opened our hearts even more to the Mexico we love. The town's array of sights, shops eateries and taco stands, The jungle so lush and mysterious, the river ebb and flow through the seasons, the roads that lead through forest and farmland to authentic towns and breathtaking views of the valley, the mountains and ocean vistas, the friendly farmers on horseback who always wave and say Buenos Dias. At the end of many of the dirt roads... another stunning pristine beach.

Thus begins the new chapter. Let us take you on our adventures.

I promise it will be a wild ride you wont soon forget.

I hope to see you soon my friends.

Viva Las Sueno!


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